J&Well came into being inside the Constructaplus firm of Pietro Tornatore & Co from an intuition by Anna Russo, a young Sicilian architect who with the artist Arrigo Musti and Tornatore himself, an entrepreneur that has distinguished himself in the construction industry, wants to express her passion for interior design, aiming at finding a living dimension that is a mirror of the times, intimate, personal, elegant, robust and at the same time cosmopolitan, versatile and original thanks to the combination of art and design.
Today J&Well enters the market as a newborn project, but strong with the solid experience gained over the years by its founders, who have made research, efficiency and professionalism their strong point and aspire to a virtuous cycle of growth, wagering on a product with refined creative content that makes its quality and durability a step towards environmental sustainability, with the help of excellent local craftsmen that have always been the pride of Made in Italy recognized around the world.